Continuing the Chain of Custody


The PackageVESTEA solution is an Inbound Package Management Solution designed to maintain the chain of custody as well as provide tracking of packages right up to the point of final delivery.

Turn Key Solution Provider


Only Infinite Peripherals can deliver a full end to end solution including both the software solution and the mobile device hardware. A full family of iOS peripheral devices that integrate directly into PackageVESTEA provide a seamless, feature rich user experience, including Mobile Point of Sale, should your business workflows require payment collection at time of delivery.


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Cloud Based / Mobile First Deployment


The PackageVESTEA solution is a Cloud based platform with a simple and scalable design with results in reduced IT costs while providing effortless access to updates and upgrades.


At Turnkey Software Solutions we understand that efficient workflows are best conducted at the location where the product arrives, rather than always relocating the products to a desktop location.

Familiar User Experience


PackageVESTEA is based on the iOS experience providing users with a familiar interface delivering:


> Simple Device App Deployment


> Intuitive Interface


> Expediency & Proficiency



When packages arrive, a simple scan of the carrier barcode label will automate the package entry process.

Users can then add any additional, required information. If packages arrive without a barcode or you wish to implement your own barcoding program PackageVESTEA can also print custom labels.

Should a package arrive damaged this can be captured as a special event and reported. Images of the damaged package can also be taken and uploaded for future reference.

Capture Essential Data


Identify sender & intended final recipient

Auto Time/Date Stamp

Individual who received package

Package Weight

Package Type

Easily group multiple packages that have the same recipient

Log images of damage



The PackageVESTEA capabilities will ensure visibility from the time the package arrives, right up until it is delivered and all steps in between.

This ensures that authorized users can identify, at any time, where in delivery process the package is.

Misplaced and lost packages will be a thing of the past.

View the History for Every Step Along the Way




Hold for Delivery

Out for Delivery

Hold for Pick-up



If an event from your workflow does not appear simply create one with the custom event tool.


Proof of delivery can be captured through the Signature Capture capabilities of the solution, directly on the mobile device.

Should a delivery receipt be required by the final recipient, this is also possible directly from the mobile device using an optional Infinite Peripherals mobile printer.

Search & Report

With the PackageVESTEA search tools it is easy to inquire as to the location of a package in real time using many different variables including Tracking Number, Sender/Recipient, or even events that occur within your workflow.

Quick searches for Undelivered and Delivered Today provide expedited access to critical information.

All search results can be easily exported to an excel spreadsheet for your reporting records.

Customize your workflow

At Turnkey Software Solutions we realize that not all business workflows are identical.

We also understand that changing internal workflows to fit within the boundaries of your Inbound Package Management Solution can be disruptive and unproductive.

The PackageVESTEA Customer Event tool is designed to be flexible allowing authorized users to define custom events and their associated actions, aligning perfectly with your business needs.

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